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Offers Innovative Products To Address All The Current Most Prevailing Problems And Issues In Our Lifestyles

  1. Healthy Food: With clay pot cookware and Vedic stove and safe wooden chopping boards.
  2. Healthy Water: With clays from clean clay deposits, uncontaminated and unique quartz recipes and symbols and copper, crystals and silver to purify and energize and disinfect and reduce the surface tension of water.
  3. Healthy Sitting: With the perfect lumbar support chair for preventive and curative properties for lower back problems.
  4. Healthy Sleeping: With the worlds first ever flexible stack system, and the ergonomic treated mattress all in natural coconut coir.

The motto at Ninads pottery is

  • To care for the planet with developments of eco-friendly, sustainable and carbon-neutral products.
  • To offer products which improve the health of all humans with basic lifestyle changes.
  • To improve the carbon footprint of all responsible citizens of this planet with well-conceptualized innovative products.
  • To care for the speechless children of this planet with dedicating the proceeds of pottery for animal welfare.
  • To encourage artisans and make art practice and blend art with science and technology to benefit mankind.

The motto of Ninads pottery

To bring to each and every human beautiful “practical art “ to improve one’s health in all possible ways.
We have products which are aimed at improving your inner engineering . all aspects which create problems with the current lifestyle products available have been addressed to and reviewed.

We improvise the following aspects.

  • Cooking – Revolutionary ceramic cookware and divine vegetable oil stoves to improvise on the nutritional values and taste of the food.
  • Sitting – Ergonomic chairs to make one sit scientifically and prevent damage to the spine.
  • Sleeping – Ergonomic pillows and mattresses made of natural coconut coir.
  • Water Storage – Healthier and better way to store and energize the water.
  • Kitchen Boards – With a unique design to enable one to cut superfine and without the unnecessary toxic shards of plastic coming from plastic cutting boards.
  • Pressure Cooker Replacements  – The best alternative to the current day system of pressure cooker which must be stopped with immediate effect in each and every kitchen.

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