About Us

Working as scientist and artist in the field of glass and ceramics since 25 years graduated as Industrial Engineer in 1989 from V.I.T. Pune, India.

Have developed the entire series of glass inks heavy metal and heavy metal-free for temperature range 630 deg cent for glass bottle decoration with approvals from Coca-Cola, Atlanta USA, as the first and only approved manufacturer in the country.

Thereafter have invented developed and patented the following products.


  • Flametop ceramic cookware, mineral coated ceramic cookware for healthy and tastier cooking.
  • Series of highly efficient, leak-proof oil lamps viz. a. Temple lamps/Diyas with a notch and deity.
  • Divine meditation lamps(Akhand lamps).
  • Floating ceramic lamps/Diyas.
  • Eco-friendly oil tea-lights.
  • Eco-friendly organic wax-based permanent make your own candle making system.
  • Highly efficient non-boiling diffusers with a unique chimney system to prevent the boiling point.
  • Ergonomic chairs for comfortable and scientific sitting.
  • Pillows made of natural material with a design to de-stress and cure all cervical problems.

An artist by heart, I was always interested in painting from kindergarten days and this light of enjoying the brush strokes on canvas and paper and on ceramic lives still so strong in me.

I love to paint and throw on the wheel. My first experience of throwing on the wheel (which I designed during my days of research in glass inks in the year 1995) was when I was living in my factory and was exploring other forms of art besides painting, read some books and made a clay recipe from the available materials as I had most of the materials on-site due to my work in glass inks.

My first experience on the potter’s wheel – it was like I was carrying this art in me from some last birth, it was effortless, each time I sat on the wheel it was like magic. This art form pulled me so deep to my roots and I could not think of anything else but pottery. I knew It was my path in life.

18 years down I look back and see my journey as a potter, I feel very satisfied and content to the lovely creations which were destined to flow through me. I am grateful to existence and somehow I feel like “the chosen one” from some intangible force we call God but can experience in every small thing like a bird chirping, the sound of the flowing river and innumerable wonders of existence.

Now my focus is to help four-legged beings who need my help and love. And Its perhaps another predestined thing that so many animals have found a home around this pottery and we now call this PRANI SEVA ASHRAM.

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