Types of Cookware and The Problems Faced by Cooking Food with them

NON-STICK ON ALUMINIUM – NON-STICK VIZ TEFLON IS A POLYMER: PTFE {POLY- TETRA-FLUORO-ETHYLENE ) AND PFOA ( POLY-FLUORO-OCTENOIC –ACID). As we cook food the spices and acids from the food react with these chemicals and they are leached into the food. Lots of health problems are associated with this contamination viz. Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, kidney, liver and other nervine diseases. STAINLESS STEEL: This metal consists of elements like Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum. The quantity of these elements increases in case of reprocessed and second quality steel which makes it even more bad for cooking .quality standards are often not followed during manufacture leading to health issues related to these elements. Aluminum: This is a very reactive metal and contaminates the food by leaching in it. It reacts easily with the spices and…
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