This very unique and extraordinary ceramic –glass-brass combination lamp cannot be just described in words.
A lamp which can be scientifically described as a controlled combustion chamber, it’s designed to give optimal flame characteristics and oil consumption.

The height and diameter of the wick positioning notch is optimally designed as compared to the “SAMIA’S “designed in brass in which the various problems of high carbon and a stifled flame is a problem, wherein one has to keep lifting the wick which gets carburized and stifled due to undue high height of the wick holding notch.
The lamps look like lovely dome-shaped temples and come in a vibrant variety of colors and are available in 3 sizes and each comes with the choice of a)tabletop with circular brass rings on the dome


The akhand diya is an extraordinary design in terms of ideal combustion / burning of the wick to achieve a very nice stable flame which emits a peaceful light and achieves a very high efficiency due to the unique design characteristics .
The lamp addressed the problems faced in a traditional samai /lamp in which the diameter and height of the wick nozzle are too narrow and too high resulting in low flame and bad efficiency and high carbon

The akhand lamp has been designed with ideal diameter and height of the nozzle which holds the wick resulting in stable peaceful flame and extremely high efficiency of the oil .
The overall handcrafted lamp has an overall appearance of a lovely dome shaped structure with 2 brass rings which resemble a unique byzantine healing symbol .

The lamp comes in 3 sizes:

Regular size:

Average time : upto 15 hours average
Dimensions: height 15 cms diameter 8.5 cms
weight : approximately 400 grams

Medium size:

Average time : upto 36 hours average
Dimensions : height 18cms ,diameter 12 cms .
Weight : approx 750 grams

Jumbo size:

Average time upto 72 hours average
Dimensions : height 25 cms , diameter 15 cms
Weight 1.5 kgs

The lamps come in all celebrative colours viz red ,orange, yellow, blue, green, white, brown and artistic texture colours on special demand

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