This oil lamp /diya has been designed keeping in view the problems encountered while running an oil lamp. viz. dripping of oil at the tip of the diya leading to a messy operation high consumption of oil inconsistent flame, loss of oil due to porous nature of the lamp .

All these problems are eliminated and a thoughtfully designed notch placed at the tip of the diya and given an angle holds the wick in such a way that no oil drips from the tip of the lamp and the angle of the wick gives an incredible average .

When lit the diya illuminates the deity on the central pedestal and gives a very divine effect with the lit up brass deity .Very beautiful handcrafted select brass deities are selected for each lamp .

The concept of deity in the centre makes the diya a temple by itself for someone who has space constraints and cant have a temple in a small room or would like to have a compact meditation and prayer temple which is easy to carry along and place at any convenient place .

This diya has created records in terms of extreamly low oil consumption and consistent flame .

50 ml of oil runs nonstop for 10-12 hours depending on the flame height maintained. This makes the lamp the most economical lamp to operate, as the operating cost comes to approximately Rs. 3 for 12 hours.