Akhand Diyas Medium


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This very unique and extraordinary ceramic –glass-brass combination lamp cannot be just described in words .
A lamp which can be scientifically described as a controlled combustion chamber ,its designed to give optimal flame characteristics and oil consumption .
The height and diameter of the wick positioning notch is optimally designed as compared to the “SAMAI’S “designed in brass in which the various problems of high carbon and a stifled flame is a problem ,wherein one has to keep lifting the wick which gets carborised and stifled due to undue high height of the wick holding notch . The lamps look like lovely dome shaped temples and come in a vibrant variety of colours and are available in 3 sizes and each comes with the choice of
a) Table top with circular brass rings on dome
b) Carrying/hanging model

The akhand lamp/ divine meditation lamp gets its name from the fact that it works in breezy conditions too and thus the flame is flicker free and stable, perfect for a meditative atmosphere.
The brass rings on the dome of the table top model are having a circular design which is a very old byzantine symbol for healing .( incidently I found this when a friend pointed out to me that the rings on my akhand lamps resemble this very old healing symbol of thousands of years! The maintenance and cleaning of this lamp is very easy .its washable and user-friendly .

Instructions for use

  1. Dip the cotton wick in a few drops of oil roll the wick to a consistent thickness.
  2. Put it in the central notch.
  3. Fill up the lamp till the mark in the notch.
  4. Light up for a lovely divine meditative atmosphere in the room.
Dimensions 4.5 × 7.5 cm

4.5 inches


7.5 inches,


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