Gaumukh Surahi


What is the objective of a clay water storage container ?

  • To alkalize the water we drink.
  • To reduce the surface tension of water molecules and make it similar to the surface tension of blood.
  • To introduce essential life sustaining minerals into the water – such as magnesium and calcium.
  • To make water devoid of virus and bacteria.
  • To energise the water and improve its vibrations .
  • To cool the water.
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All these objectives are fulfilled by the scientific divine handcrafted water containers .
Since our body comprises of upto 78 % water we must try and make the water quality optimal to hydrate ourselves at the cellular level with a scientific approach to optimize the water quality .
At ninads pottery we understand water like no one ever has and with our unique hexagonal approach we now claim to have the best water container formula ever developed by mankind. The unique hexagonal theory includes the following :

  1. A unique recipe of clay containing a calculated batch with essential minerals like magnesium and calcium and quartz which are the elixir,s of life.
  2. The white clay approach was due to the sad fact that top soil viz red soil is largely contaminated from human and industrial waste. secondly the red soil if found in good deposits should not be anyway touched because it,s meant for agriculture and with such less deposits remaining its always best to leave the top soil intact . the research in white soil uses soil from deep mines far away from civilization and also free from contamination .
  3. The clean baking approch : Its observed that the modes of baking in recent years has largely shifted to toxic ways like burning of tyres and thus are extremely hazardous to health ,even the ash of the burnt Tyre umber are used in the recipe to maintain the porosity of the water container to keep the water cool !
    The baking in the pottery is done with clean lpg fuel to ensure also a ecofriendly approach.
  4. Use of symbols and crystals from the gangotri region: water has been proved to absorb the vibrations of the words in symbols written on the container . we use the most powerful symbol on the planet to energise the water . and by immersing the crystals into the water from the gangotri region where ganga originates makes the water vibrate with a positive and good energy.
  5. Use of copper : we have synergised the use of copper which is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties since ancient times.
  6. Special assembly of tap arrangement : with a special design of cememted tap assembly we have ensured that no plastic or mseal comes in contact with water .

Types of water containers water matkas :

    B : 12 litres Rs 2500
  2. Straight jar shape a. 12 litres Rs 2500
    b. 7 litres Rs 2000
  3. Gaumukh surahi Rs 1050
    5 plain spouted surahis a Rs 800
    B Rs. 550
    c. Rs. 350
    5 water glasses with cover rs 200

Additional accessories
Copper stand a for matkas Rs 900
B for surahis Rs 750
Crystals of gangotri Rs 300


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