Shower Fountain

Shower fountain : this fountain is decorative in nature and as a mini shower like a fountains found in palaces in Udaipur.

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  1. We are immensely proud to introduce a wide range of fountains specifically designed to give high energy, peace and prosperity to your homes as per the principals of fengshui and vastu-shastra.
    Over the past many years the artist has designed and perfected many variations in fountain in which theriver ,spring and globe fountains are typical innovations to be seen nowhere else in the world. The complete classification is as follows :
  2. The spring fountain: here we simulate the effect of springs in the mountains.The soothing peaceful sound of springs brings immediate peace and joy to the heart .
  3. River fountain: here the focus is to simulate the movement of a river. The inspiration of the artist here is mother Ganga, in front of whom he has meditated and found bliss after spending countless number of hours in front of her.In this fountain flow of the water is forward as the flow of the river.
  4. Step fountain: in the step fountain water cascades down various steps to give the pleasing sense of water falling down like it would in any waterfall.
  5. The globe fountain : the globe fountain connects us to the shape of mother earth. Water is made to fall from the top of the globe and its flows down soothingly giving a gentle feel of the sound of the water.
  6. Shower fountain : this fountain is decorative in nature and as a mini shower like a fountains found in palaces in Udaipur.
  7. Mist fountain: the mist fountain converts water into water vapor with high frequency ultra-sonic signals. It looks very magical n mystical n also has the various advantages viz it ionizes the air causing us to breathe more oxygen and moisturizes our skin and also can be used as vaporizer for essential oil.
    And the artist has written a song : “IT’S JUST THE SOUND OF WATER”
    which he has written from the joy he has experienced from his own fountains and wants to share it with the whole world.

“It’s just the sound of water

I just close my eyes
And the Earth is carried away
By the river
What is left behind I can’t say
It’s just the sound of WATER….”

The advantage of having a fountain in your living room:
As per the science of vastushastra and feng shui having flowing water in the living room is absolutely essential for peace ,prosperity and balance of energy.
Every living room is incomplete without a proper fountain. At Ninads pottery we provide fountains having all the 5 elements as per the principles of vastu shastra and feng shui.
Today quite a few fountain makers in the market use fiber as the material to construct a fountain .
This medium doesn’t have fire and earth element thus making the fountain incomplete.
Our fountains not only have all the elements plus they r individually and lovingly handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. We provide stones/pebbles from mother Ganga.


  1. Spatic SHREE YANTRA: Our Shree Yantras are handcrafted in the Himalayas by experienced craftsmen. Spatic is a semi-precious stone. The shree yantras are one of the strongest yantras in the world .we highly recommend this shree yantra in living rooms. It comes in sizes form 200gm upto 1 kg weight. Charges are per gram, at the rate 27rupees/gram
  2. Shiva lingum in spathic: it should point 2wrds the north when kept in the fountain.
  3. Crystals: we offer a wide range of crystals which will add to the energy of the fountain. Each crystals which we have mentioned has its own properties which are now sub classified :
    A. the quartz crystals
    B. Rose quartz : for love , peace and happiness
    C. Toulmarine : to remove negativity .
    D. Lapis lazouli for peace ,prosperity ,meditation .
  4. Buddha sculpture
  5. Shells

The fountains start from the range of Rs 7500 upto Rs 75000


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